March 11, 2012

i should like to tell you,

the five year plan doesn't work.
sorry to spoil the ending for you.
but it's all okay.
because you'll find your independence, nurture your humor, and come back to life.
things that you'll love more than the five year plan, anyway.
the whole august '09 debacle?
see through it, and run.

the boy who writes isn't trying to catch you.
he's trying to express himself.
just let him.

eat sushi on your last night home.
be not mistaken, skinny little white boy>160 degrees across the median.
anyway, another shot is not far away.
and you'll be bolder then.

red hair is not your thing.
hands OFF the box.

take trips for no reason--even if that means crossing the pond for less than 36 hours.
do it often, and appreciate the jet lag for what it is.
it's called privilege. and it disappears on your twenty third birthday.
when the louvre baits you with mona and venus, heed no warning.
get yourself up at 5 A.M., and you give them hell.
catch uncultured before it overtakes your rem cycle.

write. write, write, write.
please write.

and by all means,
do hard things.
because that boy in tuesday thursday biology won't give his name up without being asked to state it.
and future you needs some hearty courage.


  1. Love you. Please keep writing. It makes me happy. Oh, and plans are overrated! I thrive on spontaneity!Oh, and 1 more thing... I asked your brother on our 1st date.

  2. That stupid 5 year plan....


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