March 13, 2012

oops, i did it again.

it's tuesday.
and tonight, i think i'll go to paris.
no, seriously.

there is something about jet setting across the ocean on 48 hours of notice that tickles me pink. plus, i needed a good excuse to use my french speaking skills... the few that i have... i'd like to thank the colonel for having the world's coolest job. and for being the coolest dad.

au revoir!


  1. Court! I'm way jealous..Have a super fun time doing french things :)

  2. Or French men...naughty but funny! Promiscuity is your typical m.o. after all!

  3. You completely suck. There is something about that airport carpet that just makes me want to leave the US. . . . every time I see it. Without fail. Have fun in the Paris.


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