January 23, 2013

A few items of business, pertaining to my life. Also, come to my celebration of love, please.

It is so cold. Like, -16 degrees, cold. I'm not going to say that it is so cold that people in this town are starting to look like popsicles. I won't say that because it's cliche. But, if I were going to say something cliche, I would say that it is so cold that people are starting to look like popsicles. I'm usually a big fan of the winter, but this year, it has betrayed my trust. Please go away, cold? Please, with a cherry on top?

I spent $34.00 on a set of Biolage shampoo & conditioner. I felt like it was a necessary purchase, considering the fact that those bottles run at about $28.00 a pop. So. Before you think of judging someone (me, in this case) you ought to consider a side of the story that you don't understand.
Plus, it was two liters of Biologe... BIOLAGE!

A person that I'm rather fond of offered to make me dinner last night, and I turned him down because I was scared that that would lead to other serious things. I'm becoming fickle, and I don't understand how it is happening.

On Saturday, I got pulled over for drunk driving. 
I absolutely was not drunk, so, what does that tell you about the way I drive...
Let it tell you whatever it wants to tell you. I didn't get a ticket, so suck it!


 I am having my annual Valentine's Day party on February 8th.
This time, co-hosted with Caity Caity, Shady Lady, because we are in so much love with the upcoming holiday.
There will be doughnuts, sprinkles, Parisian macaroons, orange soda, Frank Sinatra, and a cozy apartment.
Make my holiday and come, won't you?


  1. Aw. I want to come to your Valentine's party! You're cute. I like you. And I miss your driving..even though it was bad. Eeep. Biolage is my favorite. Worth it? I think so.

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  3. i hate the bitter cold. especially the windchill.

  4. A man you're fond of offered to make you dinner and you turned him down?! COUUUUUURT!

  5. P/s you've inspired to me to have a lady's valentines party of my own. love you.

  6. KKKKkkkkk super not cool with the fact that I'm dying to come to your party but you live in Narnia.


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