January 19, 2013


A playlist, of sorts.

For your dreamy Jim Sturgess fill: 
For the times you're in the car, and the driver is high on a 5 hour energy shot: 
For your closet obsession with Ke$ha: 
For your dad. And for knowing every word:  
For the bizarre happenings in your life that make you want to die:
For me, a patron of pretty piano music, Mat Kearney, and my girl, Ingrid:  
For an inexplicable adoration of Natasha Bedingfield, and high school nostalgia: 
For Megan Settles, and how I miss her like cray: 
For my favorite Midgy, who leaves for the Ukraine in two days: 
For remembering the importance of integrity: 
For Aaron Tveit before he was Enjolres. And for having an ongoing three year long crush on him: 
For the Alva C., and how more often than not, I miss it:
For the cutest Cameron Brock, and the spring semester of Freshman year, one of the best:  
This song.
And, lastly, my favorite. One for the life I'd like to lead:
This song. 

If you're not convinced that my music taste is widespread and diverse, let this post persuade you of such sentiments. 

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