January 14, 2013

Noteworthy Banter, Volume III

Amy: Is that a sock bun?
Melodey: Yeah!
Amy: I tried doing that to my hair once. It didn't work. Maybe because I used an ankle sock.
Melodey: Yeah... that definitely would do it.

"She is a devil, but also an angel."
"She's a freakin Dan Brown book."

Court, (while reading the label on a journal at Barnes and Noble): 'Every day is Earth day'.
Haley: That is true. That is so, so true.

"It smells really good in here. Or, maybe it's just my hands... Yeah. It's my hands."

"I feel a little bit like I'm still in high school. Except now, I sleep with a boy."

Dad: What show should we watch, girls? Sexier Holiday Hair?

Melodey: They're showing Pitch Perfect in the ballroom on Wednesday.
Court: Or... we could just stay here... and watch it in our basement.
Melodey: Yeah. And also, after we do that, we can die alone.
Court: So, what time, Wednesday?

Janie: I used to like him. We used to be really good friends. But then, he went on a mission, and after he came home, he started righting all of his wrongs with everyone he used to hate. Which, I guess is good. But now he's nicer than he used to be. And that's just annoying to me.

(DISCLAIMER: We have issues with the one-armed girl on the bachelor. We don't like her. Not one little bit.)
Martina: Do you know what I was thinking about earlier? She can't possibly make it to the finale. What's he going to do? Put the engagement ring on her right hand? She doesn't have a left hand, so it can't go there.
Court: She's going to turn this whole one-armed tragedy into a story of overcoming people who tell her that she can't do things like zip-line. And then, she's going to zip-line.
Melodey: He's taking her on a date where they have to hold onto ropes, and fall off a building?! That's just cruel. What if her good arm slips? He would feel like a such a jerk.
Cassandra: Remember that time Sean reached for her hand to help her up from her seat, and then he just awkwardly sat there when she couldn't reach back? Hahahahahaha...

If we hear one more thing about how she can be fun, even without an arm, we might stop watching.
No. Nevermind. We won't do that.

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