January 30, 2013

Noteworthy Banter. Easily my favorite posts. Ever.

Kellie Matis (my dear friend, Emily's, witty mother): Emily. I called Courtney and Haley over here to stage an intervention. We're going to waterboard you, then, tie your hands up, put you in front of a television screen, and make you watch a slideshow of pictures of art history paired with heavy metal music...
Haley, Court, Emily: ...
Kellie: Sorry. That was too much. I've been watching a lot of Homeland...

Kellie: You've been the same since you came out of the womb. Your hair is just longer now.

Kellie: Why do you say that? What have you heard...?
Emily: Well, nothing. I'm just saying...
Kellie: Let's make something up, then! Spread it around!

Devin: That store's name is whimsy...
Court: So?
Devin: That's a dumb name for a store.
Court: Well, okay. If you had a store, what would you name it?
Devin: Not whimsy.
Court: Yes, I gathered that, but, I'm going to need some kind of an example.
Devin: Probably just something like 'Neon Explosions'.
Court: ...
Devin: It's in the early stages of development.

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