July 23, 2011

guess what i love...

remembering how adorable this boy is.
he sings like angie duke, and he's got rolfe-worthy charm, even when the roles are reversed.
technically, he's liesl, and i'm the mail boy. but i'm still cordie, so this still works.
{hello. sound of music and the happiest millionaire, people. culture up.}
ohhh the curses of being a cougar. 
he's handsome, nonetheless.
and i am absolutely smitten by him every time our paths cross.
ben ash: you make me swoon.

 attending a beloved teacher's wedding.
isn't she just beautiful?
and you should hear her sing the soprano line from an italian opera...
talk about swooooning...
secretly, {and not-so-secretly} i love that i can call her aimee now.
miss frederick is just awkward, and mrs. lunt feels criminal.
so naturally, the only alternative is becoming adult friends, and getting familiar with each other on a first name basis.
something that two years ago sent me to file music scores in the back room for hours at a time...
 getting to spend some QT with this hot bombshell is something i wish i could do more often.
marissa is a riot, and her jokes have me peeing my pants regularly.
we like to reminisce on the times in 9th grade that we shared. 
the oh-so-intimate moments of our friendship where she told me she liked my juicy couture perfume, 
and i replied with a feeble "thank you", barely even audible.
needless to say, our love for one another blossomed years later when i decided talking would be beneficial for my social life, and that i had more than two words to say to marissa.
wayyyy more.
we've been like besties since we shared two things: 
the first alto section, and the uncomfortability we felt around the wineagers + nick.
yes, summertime is a good time.


  1. um you are looking GORGEOUS. Miss you, love you. Hope all is well :)

  2. you are gorgeous. that is all.

  3. hahahahaha not kidding i think just peed my pants at the winegars + nick comment. kill me. except don't. because this is my favorite thing ever.


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