July 11, 2011

we are okay, we are alright; we sing very loud.

who do i miss?
why, these crazies!
of course, of course.

they are my most favorite boys in the world.

because carter would turn back around even after leaving the school parking lot to pick me up when class ran late,
because austin would skip medical assisting to drive the canyon with me when i felt particularly sad,
because carter sat there and took it when i made fun of his hip-hop/rap obsession,
because austin showed up during the dry cleaner days with a broom and bucket to kill a small mouse that had been taunting me all afternoon. {and maybe i called him in tears, but that's off the record.}
because they both drove fifteen minutes to the hot dog stand at closing time just to walk me to my car because i was scared.
even when they were in the middle of watching the series finale of the OC.
they bend over backwards for me just because they are the most wonderful boys.
 i sure do love these craze-faces ohhhh so very much!

if you're wondering, joshua radin music is still my favorite.
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