July 31, 2011

h.(have) a.(a) g.(good) s.(sunday)

as i was sifting through my messy computer, trying to organize my crazy,
i found a few things.
happy pills for your sunday evening.
some reasons why i'm smiley:
 master william. in a pioneer bonnet.
 john davis.
get yourself some nephews, seriously.
 true love.
{10 years last week! love it.}
baby girl.
^ theirs, to be exact.
like i said, true love.
hand holding.
 e'rything about this picture.
red head.
 paper planes in the kitchen on the first day of school.
this was a going away present from my mother.
who apparently still thinks i am thirteen years old.
but i absolutely love it.
so i guess she knows me better than i know myself.
bless moms.
 carter is full of surprises. 
and profanities. 
move on.
my autumn hair.
i'm itching for bangs again...
and also missing my wannaroids.

i'm reading her tonight.
and loving every second of it.

{happy sabbath.}


i like words. and you. write me a few?