July 21, 2011

i'm probably going to end up with jeremy gilbert.

lately, i've been: 

-splashing in my backyard, and eating ice cream cones with a few of my friendlies. 
{one of which wears a sparkly diamond on her left fingy which i'm obsessed with. her name is mads. and she's my cuzzy.}

but from the hours of 8-4, i play with addie, brady, and brock. 
we play fun games.
{like mother may i. which i introduced them to. and they are now obsessed with it.}
this is brocky. he is darling.
i love my new job, and i'm sad it has to end for school. :(
 aaaaand let's be honest.
i've been feeding the addiction.
you know,
the one i have to the salvatore brothers, and jeremy gilbert.
a life without blood sucking hotties, and one who wears "the ring" isn't a life at all.
you can quote me on that.
{p.s.: ms. jordo texted me today to tell me this: paul wesley. playing paris. in the new romeo and juliet. your day was just made.}

and the mail comes every day at 3.
and on thursdays/fridays, the mail is reeeeally good.
in case you were wondering...

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