July 28, 2011

praises be to the decision maker.

she bit the dust.
i have been waiting for this moment since i graduated from huggies.
i hate her. 
HATE her.
i am deeply mourning right now.
this loss is a great one, and i will miss his gene kelly ways like craaaazy.

in other news, my sweet father has been spoiling me all week.
first, he brings me TWO whole packages of jam n' creams from one of his bi-weekly london runs,
{seriously, order some. they'll probably make you cry for no reason.}
then, he hands me a small red velvet box where inside lie the royal ring.
you know. it. the one we searched for in picadilly for hours.
well, he found it.
and as if that weren't enough, this saturday, he's treating me to idina menzel in deer valley. a sold out show.
did i mention how he's the best dad in the whole world?
because he is.
but your dad is probably pretty great too.
i'm just biased.


i hope you're loving your week! 
i have to say, for a plethora of different reasons, mine has topped the charts. :)

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