July 13, 2011

sneak peak.

so i have this cousin. 
her name is madison. 
and she is an artistic genius.
and also fearless. 
{the link sends you to miss becca boo. her bridegroomals are the bee's knees. madison even tag teams with her husband, mr. dan herbas. this is his area of expertise. i can't get enough!
they also did my senior pictures. check them out here. and hire her for your wedding, individuals, family pictures, etc. ...look around the website, blog, you're bound to find something you love. she won't disappoint you... promise!} 

sometimes i play dress up with maddie.
and we have an absolute blast together. 
and i loooove that she asks me to do it.
because you're never too old for fancy dresses.

last night, she bought me a wedding dress.
we searched high and low, and eventually found the one.
it is stunning, covered in lace & pearls {hello, could it get any more me?}, and i am obsessed with it.
we played.
in all sorts of unexpected elements.
because... again...
the girl is fearless. 
which makes pretending to be a model all the more fun.
i was a blushing bride tonight, with a ring and all!
it was every little girl's dream come true.
i don't want to give too much away. 
so stay tuned for the finished product. 
i can't wait to share! 

favorite routine of the night?
i'm a sucker for some old fashioned hollywood.
ryan and rikki were on fire, i don't care what the "jidges" say.

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