July 6, 2011

somebody write a script for c. electra. she's killing me.

1. jordan's hair is long. wt.
2. kit, my fifth grade class called. turns out the dress you're wearing was our year end art project. we want it back.
3. travis is a judge... finally this show is smart.
4. hello. sister.
5. i'm sorry... carmen electra?
6. t-wall giggles like a baby girl.
7. and also he looks like a magician.
8. i think baby tyce thinks he's going to win. he's in for a rude awakening come august. or sooner.
9. loving this boy number. it is totally classy.
10. aaaand jess is rocking my world right now.
11. marko is so cute. i will keep him in my pocket forever.
12. and miss mel is adorez.
13. forget your boyfriend, marko for life.
14. i'm probably making t-shirts that say just that.
15. scan.dal.ous.
16. but we all need a little bit of scandal in our lives.
17. i can't get over how charming these two are. even during a lady gag me song.
18. sasha bores me. but she's pretty. so she's got that going for her. and probably other stuff too.
19. alexander the ballerina. with a gangster beanie. it's just not believable.
20. shocker there, no swag. he's a ballerina, homegirl.
21. booooring.
22. there's something about cheesy early millennium music. it's cheesy and early millennium. which says enough.
23. jordan chose to not wear clothes. so that's rather standard.
24. 99% sure taddy is a pioneer just like the rest of us.
25. oh, jordan? seductive temptress? original.
26. worst walse ever.
27. my mom likes the judges part... i try to tell her that they spit out a jumble of worthless information. she doesn't listen.
28. "we like watching movies." it's a movie of her. haha please tell me you laughed.
29. i can't decide what ethnicity clarice is.
30. mm jess.
31. seriously though. i love him.
32. oo this dance is super great. and also fun.
33. jess is like george o'malley. yes. he is that cute. so from now on, he shall be known as georgie. it's an honor. 
34. "he'll come back. " thanks kibble.
35. chris totally wants ash.
36. "de sal-sah."
37. somebody should tell chris that 'i'm proud of you' does not mean 'i love you'. he's probably confused.
38. omgshsomeonekickoffcarmen.
39. what is what the sister thing?
40. mary murphy is an outfit repeater!
41. oh my gosh. ry is katie heigl. so now we have grey's besties. izzy and george. life is good.
42. when you feel your life lacking, it's probably just the absence of david bowie.
43. caity girl has got a smile of the gods.
44. i luh mitchell.
45. mandy moore is fab, but she always picks the lamest songs.
46. however, tonight, she picked a celine dion classic from my earlier years. when i danced to it in my room. as a five year old. way to be, mand.
47. i totally forgot how great this particular cd is.
48. how could i do such a thing...
49. basically, i think that was the best dance of the night. hands down.
50. apparently m squared and i have that in common. the difference is her squeaking voice. and tears. i don't have either of those things.

if you'll excuse me, celine and i have got some catching up to do now.

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  1. 2, 23-25, and 28 made me laugh out loud, waking my mom up. Thanks Court.


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