August 22, 2011

a few famous people i know.

inspired by lauren morrison, this happened tonight.

my life: hollywood version.

yes, i understand that my parents are george and nina banks. it was on purpose.
 sistery julie.

her husbie, dermont. aka marc.
 my brother, mike. he's a babe.
sister-in-law, ashley 1. she's an even bigger babe.
 ohhh andy bernard/griffin. you're a great brother.
 brother benny! slash j.d.
this is my sister in law, jennifer love hewitt/ashley 2.
she's pretty and stuff.
 my sister sookie is the funnest! love ya, sook ams!
 identical personalities. it freaks me out.
 court was in a knight's tale. i bet you didn't know i had a famous sister-in-law. with my name.
ohhh like you didn't already guess...

everyone should do this. it's the most fun thing ever.

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