August 24, 2011

home sweet private room.

hampton ridge, apt. #101, room with the windowsill.
life is good.

andie invited me to a 90's party that she's throwing this weekend at our house,
ashley only answers my questions one word at a time,
i went to high school with amanda and never met her... but now she lives across the hall,
my cousin shares my jack & jill,
missy is down the hall come friday,
jordan up the stairs,
and the other two, i cannot for the life of me remember the names of. so i refer to them as thing 1 & thing 2.

my bedroom is a mess of pictures, mod podge, screw drivers, and command strips.
but the pisarro that i purchased from the national gallery in london hangs on the wall beside me, i was greeted with a special little letter upon arrival, and my mckenzie sent me away with an anthro blue volcano candle, big enough to light an entire country.
because she's my best friend, and knows me all too well.

yes, life is good. 


  1. nothing like a volcano to make your new room heaven. sooo excited for you!

  2. you got that duvet cover at ikea.
    i know this because i work at ikea.
    i also know this because i bought the same one and returned it.
    just another one of my idiot moves.
    another fun fact about this duvet cover?
    it's used in the movie insidious.
    i might as well just write my own blog post about your duvet cover,


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