August 30, 2011

let's retrace our steps for a minute.

saturday, my cuzzy love and i went to the merlin olsen park farmer's market. saturdays in logan are just the peachiest. you should visit.
also, today was the day that i transformed from a carefree teenager, to a classy adult student again.
it was the first day of school.
full of art history, aaron carter alva c. neighbors, and the quadside cafe.
and here are the most noteworthies of this week (noteoworthy. it's plural now. and a noun.):
1. missy's bedtime movie choices: the dark knight, or ten things i hate about you. in spanish. tough call...
2. reuniting with kybee after a long and lonesome summer, deprived of her. not anymore! the yogi bear bunch is back in logan again, suckas! well, half of us anyway...
3. discovering a box reading, "botox reminders" in caity's closet. in and of itself, it's comical.

yes. the fun is back, kids.
i don't miss the white cabinets, purple doors, or jb shrine.
however, wrapping yarn around jake gubler's door, attempting to lock him in,
cam sneaking us into his room to hear karl sleep talk, 
slamming brooke and kylee's drawers into the wall of the 402 as loud as possible. as we know the boys are asleep on the other side... just because we're the most courteous neighbors...
and singing karaoke at three in the morning...

these are all things that will be missed deeply this year.

but i guess sometimes we have to grow up and find new adventures.
(like our latest entertainment... getting uncomfortably close to freshmen boys at concerts... the tools wearing flat rimmed hats and basketball shorts... seeing how long it takes them to run away.)

i take it back. 
i'm probably never going to be a grown up. 

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