August 16, 2011

a few things i'm sure of:

public shoulder kissing is tacky.
blake is a tool.
pavelka... misunderstood. and tweets.
kirk is normal, and also super hot.
chris harrison's job is better than yours.
casey + vienna + jake love hate triangle = my kind of monday night.
things are pretty screwed up when michelle money is all cotton candy and rainbows.
william is virtually invisible.
ames is adorable.

and bachelor pad has changed my life forever.


  1. Is it sad that I look forward to this allll week? Kirk is pretty cute... even if he looks like Vienna without makeup. Completely true about William. Haven't noticed him once!

  2. loved this. add something cheeky about the blonde, emotional, blake stalker...

  3. ohhhh my gosh. melissa. what. a nightmare.


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