August 23, 2011


i think i've lost my mojo.

anything that i write lately ends up in my draft bin. which i hate.
writer's block. support the cause.

so. for now, i will tell you that tomorrow morning, i'll get into my little green car, and drive north to the tundra where i will spend the next nine months of my life. in school. and probably in nine feet of snow. i love my cache valley, i do. i think i'm converted to logan. it is the most charming city in the whole world. OH GOSH, somebody stop me. before i get too mushy-gushy, would you like a peak inside of my playlist? okay. i'll give you one. but only because you begged. 

matt nathanson music saved my life one time.
and it is currently saving me again. big time.

and if you were me, you would have practically peed your pants when you found out that he was coming in concert this fall. guess who's going? me. shocker there. i'm in love with this new single.

have a happy tuesday. mine will be spent unloading boxes and meeting my new besties. beat that, i dare you.

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  1. LOVe that song... just downloaded it. Thanks sister!


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