August 9, 2011

i guess i'm back from vegas.

whaaaatta trip.

i had so much fun.
it was one of those no pressure vacations where everyone was completely
relaxed, and there for the sole purpose of enjoying each other's company.
and enjoying eachother's company, we did!
there probably wasn't one moment when we weren't almost peeing our pants with laughter.
we shifted back and forth between dirty jokes, and making fun of densley's green tongue.
and we loved every second of it.
if you'd like to read a play by play,
go meet chelsee.
she so kindly provided one.
probably one of the funniest moments of the trip was caught in this shot.
we were sitting on the top floor of caesar's palace, as family after family kept walking by
asking us if we'd like them to take our picture.
and time after time, we replied no. 
which led to so much laughing. seen at the end of our special little video.
completely candid, people.
and we like each other so much that we maybe made another.
you love us.

possibly the best part of this trip was at the tail end
when as we're passing through beaver on our way home, a white truck full of boys
slips their number out the window. 
and we just so happened to call it.
we found out that these 6 boys were from kaysville, fresh off their missions, returning from a week long disneyland trip, and completely adorable.
so why would we not agree to dinner with them?
the situation was hilarious, and slightly awkward. 
but we made some friends, and most importantly, we are now all unafraid of the inevitable:
becoming friends with returned missionaries.

these girls are my most favorite, and i wish i could go back tonight.
and not to mention, the hospitality of my brother and sister-in-law!
i loved being woken up by davis tickling my legs in the morning, bailey serenading me, and miss taytum being all smiley!
i wish every morning was like that! 
thanks mike & ash! you're the best! love you!

ash, chels, haley, and rachie dens.
such pretty friends.

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  1. This is the greatest post EVA! Loved it. The video had me laughing so hard.


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