December 2, 2011

keep breathing.

this post is dedicated to my dear, sweet, [wildly inappropriate], hilarious, germophobe best friend.
...also known as "skinny little white boy".

it has been one psycho year, i'll tell you that much. 
probably the hardest of my life.
it is bizarre, and increasingly surprising.
i have missed those offensive jokes, and the way he yells "ROLL OUT! i'm not stopping the car..." when he drops me off in my cul-de-sac... [that little punk...]
and i can't wait to see him again.
in just 365 days! 
so, in honor of this blessed day, i made some cupcakes and threw a bash.

and on this, the first day of december, i'd like to say...


i still miss you like crazy.
see you soon!
love, court.

i got an interview with the BYU CES employment office to be a counselor at EFY this summer! holla! it's like fulfilling a lifelong dream. love it!


  1. our dreams are coming true. and our bff's come home in less than a year!


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