December 13, 2011

what did one roommate christmas say to the other roommate christmas?

 it said, 
"here are some presents."

it was christmas up in huuuuurrrr... in the H101!
not only did we exchange cool things,
but my cool friend, lexi magically became my roommate! 
it's a christmas miracle!
[she hates when i call her lexi... bahahaha!]

in other news,
our bathroom door locks from the outside. 
so occasionally, after one gets out of the shower, two try to lock the other in the bathroom. 
it is weird. but also hysterical. and childish... but still funny.
however, tonight, we accidentally locked melodey out of her room altogether. 
and had to ask our trusty home teacher to pick the lock.
but instead, he just took the door off of its hinges.
...which... also works...
i'll leave you with this christmas treat:
christmas party. friday night: ugly sweaters, mom bangs, tacky mistletoe kissing.
probably, it was the best.
...but only for two reasons:
1. mips and i showed up wearing the exact same thing. completely on accident. serious!
2. we played a tri-player, two hour game of kiss kill marry.  
[with that boy there in the back. who i may or may not think is tres adorable. i don't know...]

see you suckers later!


  1. So wish I was there... haha YAY we are ROOMMATES! xoxo Lexi....

  2. You seem to be in much better spirits! You and Mel are adorable. See you in a week!

  3. I miss you! and i hope to see you at my ugly christmas sweater party!


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