December 5, 2011

so what.

do you know what i miss?

those 14 days of heaven back in may.
the travel days, my favorite kind.
spending nine hours on a plane.
stepping off the jetway, and into heath-row...
the best feeling ever.
i didn't care about the state of my hair,
or the makeup on my face.

that's the best thing about the travel bug.
it satisfies you with throwing wet hair into a bun on the top of your head,
slapping on the closest pair of walking shoes,
and lets you run fearlessly around england as fast as your legs will allow.

i've never needed anything but the sky.
a sky so long, and a world so wide.
to teach me about the elgin marbles.
one that lets me brush my fingers along westminster's pews,
and reminds me that it's sometimes okay to kiss the floor.

so what if my grades are mediocre and pocket change is scarce.
i've seen the world, and i know that it's there.

[if you could excuse the awkward kardashian-fab pose that i somehow thought was okay, that would be great.]


i like words. and you. write me a few?