December 19, 2011

sepia is for sunday.

 during christmas break,
i often find myself with her.
and usually, you can find us stalking the neighborhood.
[read: our friends' houses... even when they don't live there, colonial mansions that we envy... anywhere with kick-A christmas lights, really.]
and then, somehow, tonight we wound up on ptarmigan gate road, as we sometimes do.
[home of late night AP US history study parties, shrimp coctail nights, thumbtanic, back to school parties... you know, paco's house.]
what on earth happened to the bus...?
oh, the beloved bus.

i love being home.
and remembering stuff like the bus.
and i love christmas break.
and pictures that mckenzie takes. even when she can't quite aim right.
like this one: 
long live the next three weeks.

[birthday countdown: 2 decades in 3 days!]

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