December 12, 2011

she wore the dress, and i stayed home.

last week was kind of the week from hell.
but luckily, i have the two best sisters in the entire world.
and they were kind of angels.
midway through the week, mid-break down, i called my julie-sister, and she calmed me down.
and made me miss her.
and yesterday, 
while in the middle of studying... and stressing...
a surprise visitor showed up on my doorstep! all the way from the slc!
amy-sister pulled one over on me. how she did that, i'll never know.
we had a chat on my bed,
and then she took me to get an oil change. minutes before my car almost exploded, i'm sure.
[just kidding, dad. i'm not thaaaat irresponsible.] 

my big sisters deserve the world.
they put up with their kid sister like nobody's biz. 
and i love that about them.

brothers are wonderful, parents, phenomenal.
but there's just something about sisters.
and mine happen to be the best ever.

[p.s. i took two finals this morning... back to back. most grueling 4 hours of my life. long live the carpel tunnel. stay in bed for the rest of the day? don't mind if i do.]

[p.PPPP.s. ... birthday countdown? 10 days. what it is.]

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  1. Sisters rock. For real. I just spent the day with one of mine and it is THE best medicine ever.


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