December 19, 2011

who is taylor swift?

i've heard that she sings the songs of life.
and i don't know about you...
but i've never loved a boy named stephen,
never dreamed of crashing a wedding,
and i'm just saying... if i had taylor lautner at my fingertips, you'd better believe that i'd keep him there.
plus, i'm completely disgusted by cliches.
overall, taylor and i are not the best of friends.

there is one girl who has seen me through it all.
and basically, she writes everything that my brain has thought once before.
ingrid just gets me.
maybe you should just watch this... it blew my mind.

[and yes. i realize that this is a cover. but it doesn't change the fact that i'm in love with it.]

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  1. court i feel like you could write for hellogiggles. just sayin....


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