December 3, 2011

weirdos like me.

it started here. when paulie bleeker was totally boss.

then, it matured here when he melted my paper heart.
[p.s. ... recognize anybody else in this picture...?
"i'm nick miller. i'm so cool, i make my cool face!"]

and then i accidentally ended up in the wrong theater.
...where i stayed for the next hour and a half. laughing like a fool.
best mistake ever...

of course, i do love me some george michael bluth.
baby fat and all...

and i just plain adored him when i made this connection:

from ingenious comedy to the identical jawline.
 i'm friends with michael cera.

carter, buddy?
i think you're totally boss.

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  1. Oh, I love me some Michael Cera... Especially the Arrested Development version


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