April 17, 2012

all work and no play.

makes courtney a dull girl.

other things that further dull me?
  • picnik closing. right after i learn how to do some freakin sweet shiz on it.
  • phillip pirrip not being an actual human being... and still further obsessing over him, regardless of his literary state. 
  • finals week beginning two weeks before... well... actual finals week.
  • machiavelli's the prince. read it. you'll want to do productive things... meaning anything else.
  • not having E! stream directly to my television. i imagine hell to be a place without khloe and lamar, giuliana rancic, true hollywood stories, and joel mchale. in short, my cable=the underworld. not an over exaggeration.
however, there are a few things that don't completely suck.
such as: 
  • the way wearing my navy blue raincoat makes me feel like courtniss everdeen
  • reading the hunger games... that's right. it happened, and i can dig. 
  • our prank war nemeses sincerely admitting that they had clearly underestimated us.
  • battle wounds from said prank war... climbing through a 2X2 bathroom window, 8 or so feet from the ground, (unsuccessfully, and getting my hips caught in the mean time. who knew that i had regular body parts, anyway?) further proving how bad a$$ and athletically uncoordinated i am. (like i said, unsuccessful breaking and entering, but i earned that bruise fair and square.) besides, melons pulled through like a champ where i came up short. cousin love.
  • my asian roommates. seriously. they just keep me guessing.  


  1. haha I didn't know you climbed through a window... bravo. What did those cray cray roomies do this time?

  2. I basically loved every bit of this post. And picnik closing really pisses me off to be honest. Love the room mate part. Love.

  3. For the gd love of Bruce Jenner, what is picnik? That's not even how spell picnic!

    1. it's a picture editing website that lets you add text and collage your pictures together. i am going to cry when it goes down..


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