April 25, 2012

finals make me feisty.

i have considered stealing toilet paper from various ladies' rooms on campus. my reasons being:
a: i pay the big dollar bills to attend this school, therefore i am entitled to such priveleges.
b: mels and i are fresh out, and we refuse to buy more. luckily, the other basement dwellers are generous. they're good eggs.

the other day, i attempted kindness. i was stopped at a four way when some punk 16 year old kids pulled up opposite of me. it was my turn to proceed through the intersection, though they decided that i was wrong. i hit my breaks, and followed behind them politely. it was pretty big of me not to honk, and rather unusual, to tell you the truth. as we drove down the same road, two boys in the back seat hoisted their bodies out the window, and began to scream at me as if i had done them wrong. so, i did what any civil human being would do.

i flipped them the double bird, long and hard, and i didn't even feel bad about it.

today, as i walked home from school through the student center, an obnoxious red haired boy with a ridiculous green shirt, advertising his fraternity, yelled at me to give blood. he told me it would wake me up, not make me look so tired. he was such a charmer. i yelled back,

"i can't. i have herpes."

...okay, no i didn't. but i did ignore him. and that is almost as empowering.

i can't bring myself to do anything today. i can't peel myself off of this bed to clean my room up, or assemble boxes to pack my things. i can't take the pictures off of my wall, or even read. laziness. it'll take you places, right?

i can, however, listen to this  all day, forever and ever. i just bought the album, and died a little.
he's good people.

hope your day is more productive than mine is! :)

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