April 3, 2012

sometimes, my cousin is a STUNNA.

this afternoon, i got an email from my uncle.
it held these pictures of my cousin, stetler, performing in a competition at his high school.
and then i was all, "WHEN DID HE BECOME SO ADORABLE?!"
and then melodey and i looked over them and giggled.
and then i debuted him on my blog so that he has seven thousand equally adorable girls chasing after him when he comes to BYU in the fall.
so hit me up if you're absolutely smitten.
because i've got his number.


  1. Hi. The light suit jacket? I'm SO in. Dibs dibs dibs dibs

    1. hahahahaha i am so glad that just happened. and I KNOW, RIGHT?! he's such a stud. and maybe the two of you will become best friends. and lovers. and then you'll be in my family. and we'll have fun all of the time. too soon? ;)

  2. oh my gosh, he is adorable. and i am somehow ok with the fact that he's younger....?


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