April 20, 2012


a few things happened tonight...
this, for instance. allie moss was so close, i could have touched her feet. 
i would have gotten kicked out by the bouncers, but i could have done it...
and ingrid. seriously, that voice. my gosh.
remember how i just told you how close we were?
this was the result of five long hours waiting in the sun for those spots.
 some sweet-A tan lines, yeah?
 sweaty concert love. always. 
and i fell in love. 
with harper blynn.
no, you guys. 
it's real this time.
the gentleman on the right...
i would like to have his children, i think.

all around, it was amaze-balls, which is usually a phrase that i try to stay away from, but when i do use it,
it is always called for.
 i heard ingrid, found the love of my life (his name is pete harper), met bess rogers, also met an albino... make that two albinos... made some crazy line friends, and snagged a set list.
aaaaand something else.
i ran into a girl tonight who i haven't seen in years.
she asked me if i remembered her, and OF COURSE i did.
she then proceeded to tell me sweet things about this little blog that i have developed.
and i just want to say this to her:
whitney tripp, if you're reading, you made my life.
end of story.
it means the world that you said something tonight.
love, courtney.

wish you all could have been with us tonight.
it really was a riot.


  1. This reminds me of my old college days.
    Love it.

    Also... I think I would like a visit from you and Missy sometime. Just sayin'.


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