April 24, 2012

miss rachel.

 today, i have asked rachel to come post for me.
(rayo... rachel just doesn't sound right...) 
she blogs over here.
rayo and i have been friends since the beginning of time, it seems.
like, i remember attending her eighth birthday party.
i know, i know.
long time love.
she is probably the craftiest person that i know, and i love her for that.
she takes the prettiest pictures, 
and oh, she makes me laugh.
I'm rachel, or rayo.
your call.
It's nice to virtually meet you, sort of.
I'll tell you a little bit about me,
incase you need to buy me a birthday present or something.
(it's in 3 months just so you know) 

I have hips like a pear, brown skin like chocolate, and eyes to match.
I play the guitar, take pictures, and craft.
The title of my best friend is currently a tie between my dog and my hot glue gun.
I have a knack for taking shapeless batter, and droopy fabric,
and making something captivating out of them.
One day I plan to teach young minds to do the same.
I love puns, good music, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
I'm clumbsy, sarcastic, and happy. 

Song: Featherstone by The Paper Kites

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