April 11, 2012

we're still calling him sam.

i'm thinking i should wear this shirt to class on thursday, just so he knows that i mean business.

just so you all know, today, we completed a quiz together.

oh, yes.
our romance blossomed over nucleic acid and population density.
we indulge in intelligent conversation, but i don't think either one of us ever know what the other is talking about. and he has green eyes.
he was probably wearing the black parker gingham from ledbury or something, almost buttoned to the top.
beige pants, nice and tailored, too.
hair parted on the side, and those. dang. glasses.
coincidentally, i, too, wore black today. a black dress, and floral tights.
if we'd wanted to, we could have sent out a "happy spring" card to all of our mutual friends.
but we didn't want that. we think it's too soon.
i just know that he wants to cuddle, though.
i knew the minute he turned to me and said,
"the answer to number three is bacteria." 

conversation between us is so intimate, i know.
please. read on, though viewer's discretion is advised.

he's going to alaska this summer to work.
and his easter was reeeeally good.
but he got a 62 on the last test.
jk, we're dating.
nope, not true.

...and i'm still not really sure what his name is.
i can only do so much snooping over his shoulder to read what's written on his paper.
and asking him plainly is just no fun at all.

oh my gosh.
i am such a stalker.

*by the way...
all of your sweet comments on my previous post made my entire day--maybe my year. 
sometimes i have no idea who reads this weird blog of mine, and it is so fun to see comments below my writing.
thank you all so much!


  1. you're a creep, but I love you for it, and I love that tshirt..lets make our own? deal see you there.

  2. Stalking got me a husband. True story.

  3. You're getting closer! Now flash him that smile and give him flirty eyes. If that doesn't work he's probably a homosexual.


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