December 20, 2012

Celebrating a birthday, and staying up until 3 A.M.

I mean, you can't tell, but we definitely broke the law yesterday with fitting a grand total of 8 people inside my car. Cupcakes and Slurpies are how we do birthday celebration, and yesterday, we were all very thankful for Carter, the reason for all the birthday madness. He was a great sport, letting us sing the birthday song, and cooperated in blowing out the candles (even smiling for pictures!) but the poor boy can't adjust to the below freezing weather we're having, and is constantly wrapped in blankets. Being in Mexico really did a number on him.

When our little-but-lovely (and growing!) group gets together now, I guess we talk about marriage, babies, how much I hate college, and other adult-ish concepts we're supposed to understand. But Gordon Daw still keeps us in line, and tells us to whisper when we're laughing too loud... which is about every five minutes. So, at least there's one element of consistency.

I never ever want Christmas break to end.

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  1. haha austin in that picture. too much. happy birthday tomorrow!


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