December 10, 2012

This is a post called, "Figuring It Out".

The key to Figuring It Out (capitalization of the first letters of each word is necessary because Figuring It Out is the title of a step-by-step guide that I am prepared to capitalize on someday, making lots and lots of money) is having a plan.

No, it's not having a plan. Because when have I ever had one of those?
But for the sake of this being a blog post on how to Figure It Out, the key to Figuring It Out is to have a plan.

This plan, in your case (or mine, because who are we really talking about, here?), solicits the following: 
     -A few stupid things coming out of your mouth.
     -Wanting the above situation to not happen again (DISCLAIMER: It probably will, anyway. Just be goal-oriented, and try your hardest to fight against it).
     -Calling your sister.
     -Having her tell you what to do.
     -Trusting her to tell you what you need to hear.
     -Trusting her, tricking yourself into being bold the way you've always been, and speaking your mind.
     -Just... trust Julie. She's good people.

Really, this whole marketable strategy should be called, "When You're A Nervous Wreck For Little To No Reason At All, Your Older Sister Can Keep Secrets And Tell You What To Do; Listen To Her, Unless She Tells You That Phone Calls Are Less Awkward Than Text Messages (Because thaaaaaat's just ridiculous)(But be prepared with a you-were-right-about-that-phone-call-thing speech. Just in case she was)(And, she was)(Exhibit A

And also, this is the part where I get it together and the universe cooperates. Sound familliar? It should.
I mean, the plaid shirt thing doesn't exactly go away. Especially now that you know he noticed how you walked into class every day of the semester, late, wearing red lipstick. Because he's straight forward. Just like you. And he told you. And he talked to you, even though you were wearing a Christmas turtle neck and tights that made you look like a five year old. This is also the part where you listen to Julie when she says, "Don't screw this one up, you big weirdo."

Thanks JuJu. Even though we're not exactly in the same generation bracket, I still think your advice is valid. And I love you.

*Also, I love you, too, Caitlin Craig. Because you have fantastic friends.

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