July 28, 2010

jackets with the big buttons.

i'm not the biggest fan of twice a day blogging, but it has recently become the 28th.
so i figure i'm allowed.

spending the week in pc with that big fam that i love. it's great. they're great.
there are a million and two children running around. or maybe just 5 and a half. but nevertheless. there's chaos all around. and i am in love with it.

little ones. smiles all around.

anniversary love birds. familia uno!

familia numero dos.
with oliver love.
i love.

but i've been a little itchy lately.

it's becoming that time where the summer is cooling down. no, not literally. it's still 99 degrees when i look at the car thermometer, mind you... but it's cooling down in the activities and accessories that make the activities that much more fun department.

-vacations are done. {as of this coming saturday... :( no europe this year. boo hoo. i'm a spoiled brat}
-no more hotels.
-no more clean white towels and a bed full of fluffy white linens to sleep in after a hard day's play.
-i'll have to say goodbye to that fresh frozen lemonade from the hdos that i adore. {what will i survive on to feed my thirsting needs this fall? ideas?}
-my family goes back to their lives until the next july reunion.
-sytycd will wrap up whatever they've got going on this season {go kent!}
-i'll have to stop spending money on movies, dinner parties, and baja blast. kill me now.
-goodbye snowshack.
-goodbye car.

but like i said, i'm itchy. and while all of these things are hibernating for the season, i keep on reminding myself that i most certainly am not.

is it fall yet?
i'm currently in the waiting stage.

-the anticipation of a gold and crimson colored drive up to school simply unstitches me.
-the thought of cinnamon pumpkin tainted air. period.
-back to school sales.
-i need new tights. patterned tights. because tights are autumn things. and i like autumn. and tights. ohh the tights supply to come.. patterned tights makes me terribly happy. {that was for you taza}
-pumpkin choco chip cookies.
-witch hat cookies.
-and also any cookies.
-baking said cookies in my new logan home.
-new school binders and clean sheets of college ruled paper to turn.
-new mechanical pencils.
-organization goals that i'm determined to keep. though i know that's not in the cards for me.
-the joy of sitting a haunted house out. please don't ask me to go. because i won't.
-halloween costumes on sale at every store.
-JACKETS with big buttons. mm.. the possibilities.
-leaves that crunch when you step on them.
-caramel apples. even when i've had my fair share this summer between sun valley and pc. if you remember nothing from this post remember this: you can never eat too many carmel apples.
-learning more words. with each season comes a whole new slew of words. thank goodness. because words get old. {and that was for you. kelsey g.c.}
-general conference. ahh bliss.
-sour cream apple pie. big name. big possibilities. tina turner, out. {also for you, kelsey g.c.} don't hate the flave until you've tried it.
-my growing up segment. you know. fall. the part where i grow up.
-rain and crunchy mountain air that i can almost bite. ohh how i love my utah. :)
-jack-o-lanterns that turn into cornucopias come november 1st.
-being thankful.
-being warm.
-families that come together to eat an oversized chunk of american heritage because they're glad they have each other.
-macey's parade.
-snow. lovely snow.
-early christmas decor.

...sorry. i'm getting ahead of myself. let's address the moral of the post. summer is playing its fadeout right about now.

and this is what i have to say about that:

dear summer,
i'm glad you came. i needed to graduate. i had fun. you've been warm. only rained twice so far. so that was good. you're a good time girl, but i am now cheering on the next contender in the fight to win my love. talk to you in a year.
love, court.

bring on the apple bobbing.

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