July 22, 2010

so jose thinks he can dance, but he can't. he must be destroyed...

results. this pressure is too much.

-billy is in danger. ugh. i swear...
-aw, cat! you look cutsie tonight!
-kent... hello, beautiful.
-"twitch stepped in... to help you 'step...'" clever, cat. clever.
-k hi. obviously kent and lauren are safe.
-could that ballerina be any bendier?
-atecheke. robert. jose. ahh...
-robert. you're pretty too.
-holy. that dude is muscly.
-we just want the results people... quit it with the fillers.
-bring back wade robson. :)
-third time's a charm with the witch cackle cat...
-hahaha dance for their lives. good one.
-someone remind me why robert is in the bottom three again?
-oh, what a surprise. jose does a b-boy routine.
-no, kitty. jose is not a cutie-pie.
-yeahhh.. i fast forwarded through the enrique number.
-robert? jose IS growing?! wtf?? who is running this show?!
-dear jose. sacrifice yourself for the greater good. walk off. or get injured. whichever you prefer.
-why is everyone so happy about this? am i the only one that understands that jose needs to leave?
-i would pay good money to say cat deeley and her lanky bod dance next week.

what an upsetting week of sytycd.

i'm hating this.

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