July 31, 2010

facts that are just as fun as they would be on a friday.

so it's 12 a.m. on saturday morning. aka. it's not friday anymore. but it's alright. because i can do whatever i want.

and what i want is some fun facts.
...good thing we can all pretend it's friday.

1. grapes. glorious grapes.
thank goodness for them. in all forms, they are life enriching.

a: grapes. the fruit. obviously. plump, succulent, circular, and mouth watering. need i go further?
b: hello. grape laffy taffy. no contest between any of the other flavors. when it comes to tangy and sweet, grape laffy taffy just can't be beat. {see what i did there? ;)} grape takes the cake. just like that last phrase was an internal rhyme. i mean, whatever.
c: people say all the time how wine does wonders for your heart. i'll never experience those wonders because of a little thing i like to call the WOW factor, which is in this rare case, better... much better than any wine a grape can make. but that's my choice to make. join me, or think that it's just another reason grapes are great. another internal rhyme. just sayin.
d: grape jelly. when it comes to the best preserves in these here parts, grape jam has my heart.
please excuse the rhyming. apparently i'm a poet today. and not a very good one, mind you. never sacrifice a word for the rhyme!
e: you can freeze them.
my lanta. this has been my addiction lately. frozen grapes. hollar.

alright, alright. moving on.

2. a new razor.
now who could argue with that one.
i dig the just shaved feel.

3. steam shower.
i can tell we see eye to eye with this one.

4. naps.
you name it, i'll nap it.
with a baby? check.
in a freezing room like the one i'm occupying currently? check.
on a boat? check.
couch? check.
car? this happens too often to not check. so check.
on an airplane? ugh... but check.
in the grass? freakin check.

i love some good nap time.
call me 3 years old if you must.

5. i hate cantaloupe.
it's revolting.

6. watching the travel channel all day every day will one day turn me into a vegetable.
i can't count the number of useless programs i watch. today, i watched the history of cheese. from south america to switzerland. a few weeks ago, the world's largest swimming pool was featured. i know just about everything there is to know about it. it's in chile. and it's 1,000 yards long. oh you know, just useless info that my brain would rather store than the quadratic equation. whatever. sam brown? my idol. anthony bourdain? love him. andrew zimmern? bizarre, but who can blame a guy whose character is based solely on the title of his hit tv show?

peel me away from the t squared fast...

7. i can't pick just one favorite time in history. i'd have to say... from the french revolution to the mid 1800's. in my language, that's from neoclassics, to the impressionists. you know. jaques louis david, to claude monet? i'm not impressing anyone here...

8. never will i get tired of national treasure. that movie is crazy, and terribly historically incorrect, but it's entertaining. and i love it. so lay off.

9. my name was almost holly. holly nicole.

10. i love red lipstick. i do.

well. there you go. some fun facts to count on a friday, yet... you're reading them on a saturday. i hope they stay just as fun. :)

happy weekend.

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