July 19, 2010

and then he went to russia.

Just when you think it can't get weirder, the world throws a bizarre "you're an idiot, and i'm here to tell you to expect the unexpected" kind of curve ball.

Hello, reality. It's nice of you to introduce yourself in a way that I never saw coming.
Come on in and make yourself at home.

So I guess for the next two years, I'll be writing letters to Russia.
That's right.

I have to say... I held my own. I kept it together for the most part. I was a little bit teary eyed, I have to admit. But I kept myself all glued up.
Until I got down the street.
The music was off. I was silent. And then I started thinking.

Note to self: Never do such a wretched thing.

Salt water cleared my eyes like a full house and a flashing fire alarm.

Austin Daw will serve the Lord in Vladivostok, Russia for the next two years.

It's a wonderful thing. And though it's hard to grasp the idea of your best friend being so far away, I know it's where he needs to be, and I've never been happier for him.

I remember and can't forget:

-how Miss and I spent the afternoon with Austin in Deseret Book with scarves around our heads,
and waited for his missionary scriptures to be finished. Gold writing and all.
-the multiple times we'd all eat sushi together at Shogun.
-we all spent a Friday night in the football stadium with interesting giant blow up toys.
-watching Grey's Anatomy in my basement for hours at a time when I had Mono.
(We won't show those horrendous pictures...)

-how Prom couldn't have possibly been more fun. Cold Duck.
-when we went to Morp with Ray and Carter dressed as classy country club Tennis players, Richard and Regina Kensington.
-we wrote lyrics to a song in AP US History. Which looking back on, probably wasn't smart. Considering I didn't pass that test.

He's a grown up now, and it's a little weird. Because that means I have to turn into one of those soon too.

So the moral of the story is this.

Dear Reality:
Next time you hit me with something like this, be a little more gentle.
Love, Court.

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  1. Its so Hard! At least you kept it together till you got in the car. Skyler Picked up the letter and I started crying! I guess these are farwells we should come home for! Our best friends are growing up!


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