July 28, 2010

sytycd. jump the plank jose.

ahh.. yet another week of dancing fantasma. and here's what a think about that:

-jose. enough said.
-no cat. you can't do it. period. it's not just the heals. you. will never. be able. to dance.
-cha cha to this song? can't wait.
-it felt kinda weird...
-crunchy, mia? probably not the best adjective to use...
-yeah kent! way to stick it to the man! {by man, clearly i mean mia michaels. you know you were thinking the same thing.}
-i feel like this stacey tookey is going to rock my world.
-but it didn't. lame.
-kaaay... they did not "kill it".
-i'll tell you what i've got to say about jose...
-atecheke. everyone's like a brother to you. you're a brother.
-hm. this b-boy routine looks familiar.
-cat cackle count: 3
-if you vote for that b-boy tonight, wait'll you see what i'm going to do to you.
-dear cat, the little mermaid called. she wants her rope and towel back.
-diorio's the worst.
-the head bobs? i'm sorry. are we pigeons now?
-must we always keep clothing from atecheke?
-ew mia. stop rashing. it's grossing me out. why would she say that over live television!?
-that's right t-diorio. pat yourself on the back.
-lauren is hilarious.
-of course jose gets something he is good at. because the world hates me and jose wins the entire thing. let's hope i'm wrong.
-"back in his 'Comfort' zone." that cat deeley says something punny every episode.
-that was terrible, jose.
-and this is why kent should win.
-and marry me.
-yeah! you tell them girl! you GO lauren!
-i'm bored.
-dear dance religion popes, aka judges: stop. trying. to steal. the show.
-i looooove me some robert!
-that mr. az song? uh-mayzing.
-atecheke=no sleeves.
-i thought we got rid of ade last season. along with the cancer dance..
-anyone else curious? why do they always give billy the double male dances? interesting...
-great song.
-hence. the reason that jose should have gone last week. bill is too good.
-that's not all that hit you mia. by your hair, i know that you've been hit by a car wash.
-i've been spelling it wrong this whole time... how embarrassing.
-most awkward stance ever.
-obviously i'll root for kent. jose is disgusting.
-"ohhh. he's terrible." -ben. "yeppp." -me.
-cat cackle count: 4
-wow, adam. you've truly out-gayed yourself.
-leave his face alone you big dumb idiot.
-this feels like a breaking point.. jose's slowly losing his grasp.. hallelujiah!!
-it wouldn't matter who jose had been paired with. he would have always looked like the underdog. just sayin.
-beyonce should never have sung this song. mostly because there isn't a word that you can understand.
-a woman named france should never be trusted.

results are awaiting... goodbye b-boy.

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