July 16, 2010

fun. fact. friday.

I know, I know. You missed Fun Fact Friday. Or didn't you? Last time that I posted an edition of this lovely tradition, it was all about the glorious world of art. Art, art, art. It's my life, what can I say? But! Have no fear. Tonight is different. Fun Fact Friday has spunk tonight. Because hello. It's Fun Fact Friday. Hence. The "Fun".

1. I'm not a card game player.
Call me lame. Call me distracted. A.D.D. Whatever. I don't play card games well. Trust me. You don't wanna play.
2. I'm not attracted to Zach Effron.
Don't hate me.
3. Though there's been controversy on the matter, yes. I am allergic to Avocados. Please don't try to sneak pieces of them into my sushi, or give me a facial scrub made up of only the mashed green substance. I will break out on my neck with small splotches of red. And they itch. I promise. I'm allergic.
4. If you're not going to do anything productive in Europe, please don't come back until you have. No one wants to hear about your stories of how you got wasted in Rome and spent the rest of your nights in your hotel room. Just stay there with the Italians. We're better off without you if you can go to a city full of rich culture and not understand the concept of an aqueduct.
5. I have a love for the song Ave Maria.
6. I am fascinated by road kill. It's a little weird, and a little Morticia Adams of me, but I cannot tell a lie. If I see it peripheral, I'll double take 98% of the time. That's something that you can count on.
7. I boycotted Brangelina.
I'm totally Team Jen.
8. There's nothing worse than the sound of ripping newspaper. The very thought of it makes me cringe.
9. If I could meet one celebrity, it would have to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What can I say? We've had a thing for a few years... In Angels in the Outfield, we began a friendly relationship. It evolved once we both grew up into teenagers. In 10 Things I Hate About You, I drooled over his sensitivity and bilingual skills. One year ago, I realized that I was in love. In 500 Days of Summer, his heart broke, and mine broke for him. I just haven't ever been able to get up the courage to tell him how I feel. Maybe one day...
10. I would rather ski than swim. Give me boots and a scarf over flip-flops and a suntan. Hot Cocoa before an Otter Pop, and Christmas rather than Independence Day. See where I'm going with this? Winter and I, we're best friends. Because I'm a Snowfall kind of girl.

Thanks for joining me on what should be a more happening occurrence. See you next week for Fun Fact Friday!

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