July 22, 2010

wait a minute... who thinks who can dance? billy. for my sanity. do not leave before jose.

alex was cool and all, but come on people. set your own trends.

stop. injuring. yourselves.

it's getting ridiculous.

here's what's going down tomorrow: billy will be in the bottom three... because he couldn't take it like a man, and thanks to his not-so-original idea to fake a fad, jose will be here yet again next week. what the.

-please just choose a winner before the whole cast is killed off.
-mia, please say things that the general public can understand. we don't like the sound of your voice as much as you do.
-kent. i'm in love with you.
-twitch. in the step dance, were those random yells necessary?
-also in the step dance... were those cardigans necessary?
-jose. please just leave.
-ohhhh adam shankman. the gold chains around the neck aren't working for you.
-cat. WHAT are you wearing.
-i hate pasadoble...
-sonya, you've really outdone yourself this time.
-what was this matador dance atecheke and jose had going on... it was freakin bizarre. never again SYTYCD... for both of our sakes...
-enough with the butt.
-cheke and comfort? do you really need to CRY? like for real?
-hello, seduction?
-i miss alex. :(

prediction? top few. lauren, kent, and robert.
kent. please let's get married.

probably the least authoritative human being on the subject,

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