January 7, 2011

its all gone away since the doldrum days came.

let me dedicate this post to my lovely friend slash band, wakey!wakey!.
{hence the title.}

first of all, let me just say...
ohhh i love you wakey!wakey!.
i love you lots and lots.
if you haven't heard of this guy before, you should go here.
the way he plays the piano makes me weak at the knees a little.
okay, a lot.
the title of the album...
almost everything i wish i'd said the last time i saw you.
i love it when real life and poetry clash.
like that title.
because everyone can relate. i can relate. can you?
it's a beautiful relation and i'm obsessed with it.

so back to the doldrums.

i feel like everything is like...
you know?
when the doldrums sink in and you can't rid yourself of them.
give me a break.
or take it away, rather.

i have been seeeeeriously dreading the termination of my lovely little christmas break.

but although i hate to admit it, i am a person of structure and schedule.
...along with any other "s" words that mean organized.
i think this whole, "i stay up until all hours of the morning and wake up at noon" thing has
got. to. stop.
i feel like doing nothing all day long.
i eat cereal in front of a movie every morning at around 1 p.m. and i can't take it anymore.
and besides the fact that i am a pathological hypochondriac, i keep thinking i'm sick.
but i'm not! i know i'm not!
i just need something to do, something to keep my mind off of aforementioned doldrums.

so in short, today was the first time in months that i have been happy to get back to logantown.
i reeeeally need to occupy my mind with anything.

this impressionist painting sums up my brain right now.
edouard manet and his avant-garde ways...
this girl in bar at the folies-bergere obviously has the doldrums.
in case you were wondering.

bless you, school.

and p.s. ...for the record, i think ryan reynolds is really handsome.
even more handsome than ashton kutcher.

yes. i just said that. me. i just said that.
i know. i couldn't believe it either. but i did.

{happy weekend!}

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