January 11, 2011

it's a kandinsky kind of day.

who am i to say that i hate school?
good news! i don't.
especially this semester...

yesterday i attended my first museum studies class. which i'm currently obsessed with. could there be a better class for me? i submit, there cannot be! with this class under my belt, i will be the tiniest bit closer to a museum studies certificate.
which will get my foot into that teeny door that opens up into the curating world!
you may not know this...
the curating field is a very competitive one.
months and months--years even on waiting lists just to volunteer at some of the world's best art museums.
but with a museum studies certificate by the time i graduate, and a degree in art history, i'm well on my way. :)

let us all sing praises to shortcuts like that.

besides that....
history of interior design is great. reeeeally great.
and i have my sister-in-law to thank for that.
thanks for letting me take your place... and stealing your name for enrollment.
that's right folks. my teacher thinks i'm her and it's way funny.
i mean, we do share a name. so it's understandable.
but it's not a big deal considering that this class is the next best thing to art history.
ohhh wait. it's basically the exact same thing.
and i love it.
the instructor for the class talked about how he travels to
new york
and all of those mediocre places.
ohhhh my gosh KIDDING!
and i got chills just thinking about picking up, ditching school, and exploring the world some more.
no. NO!
can't think about that. must. finish. school.
which as previously mentioned is a new favorite thing of mine...

so now here's the part where i continue on with a new thing to do on this blog to keep me sane.

piece of the day:

this is logan today. zero degrees and all.
wassily kandinsky, winter.

hey miss. hate'cha!

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  1. So glad you love your classes, because I'm dreading mine. I'm glad you are liking History of Interiors so far! Let me know if you have any questions. That's soo funny about Darren.


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