January 18, 2011

ruby tuesday.

it's like this.

if i had a wish today, i would wish to be a fly on the wall at the mtc.
and i don't care if you think that's lame.
because i think you're lame.

today i got a weekly email from the elder.
it was his best one yet! he sounds so happy, which makes me double happy to read it!

he talked about an experience he had at a devotional last week where elder holland came and spoke to the missionaries. the things he had to say about that devotional just put a smile on my face. he said that elder holland challenged all of the missionaries to stand taller, be bolder, be better, and study harder. isn't that what we all should do? it's so nice to get little reminders weekly that i should be better about doing the things that sometimes i feel are put on the back burner of the seemingly pathetic life that i live. for instance, reading my scriptures. is it really that hard? no. saying my prayers... on my knees. {not in my bed as an afterthought...} paying my tithing. harder than it seems, folks. i just wish that i could be there, studying right alongside those sweet elders, becoming better, bolder, and stronger. it always sounds better than doing homework until the early hours of morning and making the cold trek to a droning class every day.

and aside from that elder, i got a letter in the mail from a different one... whose letter i sent in september. which he got in november. which he sent five days later. which got to me today. so that was a little weird... but fun to get a letter from the past! now i want one from the future. wouldn't that be cool?

still, today i want to be a fly on the wall.
and that's my wish of the day.

so here's to you. all of you pre-elders. you're the luckiest people in the world. don't you forget that. because there are nineteen year old girls back here in your soon-to-be old life that are green with envy.

here's the rest...
you know. that part where i update you on my not-so-fascinating life.

-i bought my weight in art supplies yesterday. because yes. i am an involved participant of the art world. you're so jealous.
-i have completely shunned soda pop. that in and of itself deserves to be recognized. thank goodness for finally feeling healthy again.
-i just wish i could keep my mom in my pocket all of the time. because i call her for unnecessary things. and also i miss her.
-it's still time for a trip. ...113 days and counting. {i can count them if i want to. it's my blog.}
-this semester will be fun. challenging, testing my creative brain constantly, but fun.
-i can feel myself about to juggle five hundred different art projects, assignments, papers, and quizzes. which leads me to...

piece of the day! this piece of the day thing is a great idea i had.
sorry. but it was.

i'm dancing as fast as i can, miriam schapiro.

i really love this one.
the title alone says it all. miriam schapiro uses the best titles. they're so... obvious.
other titles include mary cassatt and me {a title given to a mary cassatt painting inside of a painting done by schapiro} and another one of my favorites, my fan is a half circle which depicts a woman holding, well... a fan in the shape of a half circle. would you expect anything else?

{have the happiest of all tuesdays. or wednesdays. depending on when you're reading...}

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