January 21, 2011

speaking of ecstasy.

it is friday today.
which is great.
and the week was too.
and i am home. yet again.

this morning, i was reading my usuals... you know. rockstar diaries, nienie, wild and wily ways, graphic fairy... and i came across another usual. which was hilarious today. seriously.

well, i thought it was. see what i mean here.
the comparison kills me.
ohhh and consider this my piece of the day.

kenz and i spent the night in provo last night. it was fun to see our best friends, kelsey and haley, again. i miss them so much, and i don't realize it when my plate is full of school work and other things. best friends are great. especially mine. we ate at that pizza place in provo... {i know you know the one i'm thinking of} and had cougar ice cream. which isn't as good as aggie ice cream, i'll tell you that much. we visited a friend working at the book store and then i knocked on seven different doors at wyview to find the door of this kid. who wasn't even home. you can imagine my disappointment. the library steals the best of us i guess. but i saw him with his headphones in on the side of the road this morning. and obviously it brightened up my day. {miss you matt!}

in other news, byu's art museum is still hosting the carl bloch exhibition... and i'm going!

and let me tell you. his work. is. beautiful. i am so excited! i happen to think that it is very caravaggisti. which i also love. so that's the end of that story. check it out if you get the time. or even if you have to make time for it. check it.

{hope your weekend is filled with wonderful.}

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  1. Thanks for linking to me! Have a good weekend!


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