January 25, 2011

round two.

two down, two to go.

sunday night, i had to say goodbye again.
which was. a nightmare.
a tearful nightmare, complete with flashback memories for the drive home.
...which led to more sobbing.

i just hate goodbyes.

which is so cliche and over said... but it wouldn't be the aforementioned things if it wasn't true.
goodbyes can suck it.

elder carter monson was called serve in the leon mexico mission. he leaves tomorrow, and it has already been an annoying fact to come to terms with. but i'm getting there.

things i will miss:
-consistent monday morning text messages reading, "miss ya, court!"
-always having someone that wants to hang out with me on weekends that i come home.
-having a friend who will do absolutely anything with me--lame, or not.
-dance parties in his basement...what?
-random insults that are hilarious.
-face melting!
-sushi at shogun...
-having a grey's anatomy buddy always.
-how he took me to two high school dances, one of which he took me... despite the fact that i had been sick in bed with mono for three weeks. as if that weren't enough, i asked him to take me home at 10:30 to leave him to fend for himself the remainder of the night, for my sick body had had enough. and i left him dateless. talk about a good friend... even i would have hated me...
-there were approximately 4 people interested in keeping me company during those long three weeks of solitary confinement, or said mono. carter was one of them. bless his little heart. almost every day after school got over, carter and austin would knock on my door and watch movies with me for hours. because. ya know. i couldn't do anything else.
-i will definitely miss having a friend that takes all of my crap. "carter. i'm thirsty..." "carter, you were the last one up... turn off the light?" "i left my phone on the counter... carter?" or when the doorbell rings... "carter... i just sat down." to that, he would reply, "okay. but i'm doing it because i want to. not because you forced me." worked like a charm... every time.
-paying for carter on dates that you ask him on... he always tries to slip a twenty in your pocket when you're not looking, or he says, "i'll pay you back. i swear." then you have to explain how you're taking him on a date. sometimes it's okay for girls to pay. he doesn't seem to grasp that concept. whoever said chivalry was dead didn't know carter monson.
-mixed swears. ;)
-early morning seminary... ugh.
-how mckenzie's dog managed to urinate on both of us... simultaneously.
-scream singing a drop in the ocean. the world's most depressing, and worst song ever written.
-how he knew all of the words to evacuate the dance floor not even two days after it made its debut on public radio.

aaaand things i'm looking forward to:
-sending letters, emails, packages, the works!
-hearing all of those mexican stories.
-hearing him speak spanish... a.p. spanish ya'll. he's got it in the bag....
-the day that my best friends all return home as awkward, sweet, OLD boys!

i'll miss you cart! good luck, and do some good now. love you!
love, your best friend

next month get ready for round 3... keeeel me now.


  1. toadally had spanish with him :)
    remember new years in his basement that one time? with the pots and pans?
    good. times.
    he'll be a lovely missionary :)

  2. yes he will! :)
    and that was austin's basement... haha but carter was there. we all spent new year's on daybreak bridge. it was the coldest one ever. but greatest!

  3. I miss my home teaching companion. . .


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