January 13, 2011

mrs. somebody. darcy or the latter.

my mind is here right now. so i can't talk to you.

look familiar now?

please don't try to contact me right now.
i took a quick trip.
i'm out of the country.
i find myself doing this from time to time subconsciously.
i get on google and just look at pictures of different places around the world for hours at a time...

so today i went to groomsbridge.
be back soon.

while we're on the subject...
kind of...
i just want to throw in my piece of the day.
which is mrs. richard brinsley sheridan by thomas gainsborough

why can't life be as simple as a rococo painting?
i kind of just want to be this mrs.


  1. I have a book for you to read. Now that I know you, it reminds me of you a little. Remind me to give it to ya, ya shit.
    loves :)

  2. ahh! i'm so excited! book are my bffs. seriously though. what book is it?


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