January 14, 2011

we'd spend our days traveling.

this morning, i woke up in cork, ireland.
yes. that's right.


this is my favorite place in the world. in case you are ever faced with a life and death situation, and the only way you can survive is by answering a question about my favorite place. it's here. in cork.

i just saved your life.

i haven't been here yet. but come the third week in may, this is where i'll reeeeally be.
in ireland and england.
i just can't get my mind off of traveling right now.
and the fact that i still have four months of waiting to do.

who am i kidding. can i ever get my mind off of that? it's me we're talking about here.
it might be that i have to go to school in a few hours and green scenery trumps biology any day.
plus it's like. no degrees outside.
k but literally....

and it doesn't help when you need new music and no one to give it to you.

oh. and today, i miss high school.
because of the reasons below, explained in the picture.
kenzie bee and my favorite boys.

ugh. growing up is hard to do...

sorry. i'm not feeling so profound in the writing department lately.
maybe i'll get my mojo back when all of these memory lane blues go away.

on the plus side, it's friday!
and i get to go home today. to my parents, sister, and all of my favorite friends.

{have a happy little weekend.}

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