January 2, 2011

time is of the essence. and goals are not for wusses.

one month mark, folks.

twenty three more months, friends.
this will be cake.

the letters are coming at a steady pace now. weekly even! {relatively.}
which keeps me sane, happy, and forces me to preserve whatever writing skills i have.
and having someone to answer to when my book of mormon reading has lacked is always a plus.
also known as when i become a slacker, the elder tells me what's up.
see also: courtney doesn't read scriptures on vacation, and gets scolded for it later.

boo me.

needless to say, hello new year equals i will get through alma if it's the last thing i do.
{don't you try and tell me that it's not the hardest and most daunting one to read. we'll all know you're faking it.}

so while i hope all of your goals will stay cuddly and warm inside of your head this year, i'm starting out slow.
one book and one month at a time.
chipping away at the 15 books, and making a large dent in 23 months.

good night, kids.

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