February 18, 2011

люблю тебя старшим галку! быть безопасным!

it's official.
he's somewhere in vladivostok as we speak! it's six in the morning, on saturday february 19th over there. and maybe last night we met him at the airport for some video interviews before he departed... i don't know. maybe. best thirty minutes ever.

he hasn't changed one little bit, besides the way in which he inched away from me in this picture and refused to flash a thumbs up. he still laughs at us when we're probably not very funny, and puts up with us when we slip up and call him austin. {it's elder daw now, peeps.} he speaks very good russian--and fast too! his name tag is something i can't read, let alone pronounce, and his testimony is unshakable... but that's how it has always been anyway.

{ohhh and a big thanks to elder mccallon. what a trooper. he didn't even act annoyed of us. even though we were kind of obnoxious with our five thousand different cameras.}

я тебя люблю, старший галку!

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